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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Makan Bali - Ayam Betutu

On the 3rd day of Bali, the guide bought us to this place where there were surprise surprise - no tourist or at least the majority of the diners were locals.

This place sells Ayam Betutu which is some thing like our beggar chicken ie the chicken have been slowly cooked for a long long time before it can be eaten. The chicken comes in different level of spiciness and we ordered the average spicy.

I don't know what went into it. It is a little like our Ayam Soto or Ginseng chicken. Very tender but extremely spicy.

Throw in the kangkong again and I finished my Avocado in double quick time.

We also  order the sate lilit.Kinda like our satay except that the meat is a mix of seafood and the skewer are not those tiny puny little sticks but some part of cane sugar. A bit dry but very fragrant.

Another item we ordered was the otak. This one killed me. It was hell of spicy but I think this was also the meal that got rid of all my ulcers.

By far the best meal and value for money meal throughout the trip. Authentic Balinese food at local prices. Definitely worth a visit.
Is she the chef?

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