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Friday, May 4, 2012

Makan Bali - Coffee

One of the must try that tourist coming to this part of the world must try is coffee. Because Indonesia is one of the major grower of coffee. And also beside Coffee Bean and Starbucks, there is this.

Yes the most expensive coffee in the world. A cup in Singapore cost about S$45 - S$50. Even here in Bali, it is not cheap. A cup which we sampled at the plantation cost RP50000.

But along with the coffee Luwak, we also got to sample a range of coffee and tea. So that not a bad deal.

Many people asked me how is it? Frankly, give me normal coffee anytime. Coffee Luwak is nice but not worth the premium especially here in Singapore.

After all, whichever way you look at it, it is still normal coffee - just that it has been eaten and subsequently passed out by civet cats. There is supposed to be some sort of digestion process although I am not too sure how it enrich the aroma of the coffee. Anyway, the coffee are washed clean - no fear of any poo left behind, dried and roasted. So if there is any poo left, it probably aided in the taste!
The coffee bean
The digested and defecated coffee bean
Washed and cleaned
Roasting the coffee pan by pan
Oh beside Coffee Luwak  Bali also got these 2 coffee:

They seems rather familiar but wonder if they are any good? Too bad I didn't get a chance to sample what these outlets offer!

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