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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Makan Bali - Local ZhiZhar

The night before the race, we didn't want to try new food or go to far so we asked the driver cum guide for some recommendation for local food near our hotel in Sanur. He pointed us to this place.

At first we weren't sure we got the correct place. It was a local warung and very empty. It didn't look clean and the menu certainly didn't inspire us. But we didn't want to go far and after the previous night expenditure on the seafood, not keen to spend too much on food.

So we sat down and ordered what tantamount to their version of our zhizhar. And bingo, we hit jackpot. The food was great and cheap.

We had noodle, fish, kangkong of course, ayam penyet and avocado again and everything came up to less than RP100,000. And no tax!

And of course after we sat down, the crowd started coming in including these group of Kenyans and we happily posed for photos with them.

One of the best valued for money meal indeed.

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