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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beer Fest 2012

Never been much of a beer drinker so had never been to any of those Oktoberfest or Beer Fest until somebody gave me 2 tickets for this year Beer Fest.

We went on Thursday evening and first thing that hit was when we walked into the festival village which was actually some marquees tent at the F1 race track was the heat. Apart from the high humidity and the stifling heat, the chillers and crowd were generating its own heat. I don't understand why they can't have it in some nice air con place and most of all I don't understand how all these people especially the Ang Moh can sit there and drink beers like it was all so pleasant.

Coming back to beer, there were so many different brand of beer from all over the world and all of them were for sale at prices between $5.00 per cup to $20.00 per bottle.


 And of course where there are beers, there will be beer ladies but not those aunties at those HDB coffeeshops but sexy young things like these lovely ladies.

We thought our tickets came with a free beer but unfortunately and to our embarrassment, it did not and we were rejected when we tried to get one. But it was really too hot and so we caved in and bought our first beer. A very thick German lager

We also bought this Fruli strawberry beer which tasted more like those wine cooler drink.

And we had this Somersby ice cold cider as well.  

So not exactly beer tasting for us with our combination of drinks but still a very interesting experience to savour.

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