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Friday, June 15, 2012

Kill 'em all

Recently there has been reported sighting of wild boars at Peirce Reservoir. Either I am blind or the wild boars are so scare of my BO that our paths have never crossed in all my days of running there. Anyway, seem like there is an overpopulation of wild boars, about a 100 of them and the Nparks are considering using crossbow to cull the wild boars. Cross bow? In this age and time? Couldn’t it be easier to just shoot them with real gun? Get the fellas from the gun club or invite some soldiers to do their target practice there instead of at the range.

Last October, there were report of monkeys attacking park users at Telok Blangah Hill. Immediately, some fellas wrote to the press to demand that the monkeys be culled. Me think though, at the rate the monkeys are being run over by vehicles, there is no need to cull them. Our drivers will do the job for the authorities.
A warning sign at Admiralty Park
And then of course we have all these culling of crows, pigeon and chickens. So easy. Got complains about crow? Shoot them. Got complains about pigeon? Poison them. Bird flu? Avian virus? Bury the damn chicks!

Did I also mention that it is the policy of the HDB, Town Council, AVA or whatever to kill any cats and dogs caught roaming in the neighbourhood! Like that time when some dogs bite joggers along Punggol Waterway. Good for them. No more cat shit and no more dog bite!

Recently, I have been spotting monitor lizards all over – at Pasir Ris, Lorong Halus, Bukit Timah, MacRitchie. Some goodnu even thought they were crocodiles when he sighted one at Serangoon Reservoir. Looks like the population of lizards are increasing. Maybe AVA should kill them all before they eat our children?
Monitor Lizard at Sungei Buloh
Oh yah at Pasir Ris where I live, there are dozen of heron and all sort of water fowl flying around. Also got a lot of parrots. The thing is I often hear them but seldom see them. Their loud calls and screeching, surely that is a major noise polluter. I say why not we kill all of them as well?
A heron at Pasir Ris Park
So easy right. Got problem. Kill em. Problem solve. No need to waste time and money to do research, study on their habitats or relocate them. And since we on this, why not we go one step further? Those old folks who are going to live in those new to be build homes that is taking people’s view, playgrounds, park, air away – why waste money building homes for them. Kill them. They not productive anyway. And how about those patients in hospice? They going to die sooner or later. Do them a favour. Kill them once they are diagnosed as no hope. And the handicapped? How dare they complete with able bodied people for space in the bus, trains and horrors, car park lot as well! Kill them.

In fact, anything and anybody that threatens our nice peaceful existence. Kill them all!

And if whoever reading this doesn’t get my point or what I trying to say, I think I have to kill you as well

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  1. Pointed noted and I on the same page as you Koh. It is sad to see our society too fast to whine and cry foul everytime thing goes wrong.