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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill

A friend had suggested some options for dinner after the Republic Run in Woodlands and somehow we found our way to this very ulu place in Sembawang. It was tucked away in a housing estate nestled among residential houses. But I was suitably impressed by the crowd that had formed there even though it had just rained some time ago.

Fortunately for us, we had booked in advance and got our place straightaway even though our party was almost 8 strong. 

I like the ambience. It was a bit dim, there was nice country music and the menu look interesting. While waiting for some other to join us, we ordered some appetizers. 

First off was the fried mushroom. This was big solid mushroom fried crisp golden brown. I normally don't take fried stuff but this was good.

The place is supposed to be renowned for its buffalo wings which comes in different level of spiciness. We ordered level 1 and 2 spiciness but the staff suggested 1 and 3 as he claimed the differences between 1 and 2 were minimal. So we took his advice and ended up with 2 plates of chicken wings.They must have prepared a lot of the wings in advance because ours came cold. That turns me off straightaway and it was as spicy as it made itself out to be.

We order the clam chowder and the mushroom soup which comes served in a big loaf of bread. The soup was good but the bread was too big and in the end even though there were 10 of us, we couldn't finish the 3 loaves of bread.

We also ordered the onion rings which comes cutely stacked in a wooden stand.

And then we had our mains. Between the 10 of us, we ordered

1) Blacken salmon

2) Lasagane

3) Grill Chicken x 2

4) Barbecue Pork Ribs and 5) Ribeye steak (no picture)

Price were, most were fairly reasonable with the mains costing on average $25.00 or below. Taste wise? Maybe we were hungry after the run and it was quite late then but we wolfed down the dinner pretty fast and nobody really commented whether the food was good. But I did enjoy the ribs. 

The place is worth a visit. If not for the food, just to soak in the "country" style atmosphere.

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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for Blogging Buckaroo BBQ and Grill Restaurant at Sembawang, Were relocated now at 921 Upper Bukit Timah Rd. (Khek Association Guild Building,Bukit Panjang) 678202.

    Look forward to seeing you again!


    Francis Pineda