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Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Singapore My Home

I have a friend who have nothing positive for Singapore. He is cnstantly lamenting the poor design of Singapore's buildings and the lack of scenic spots. He complains incessantly about our public transport; our congested roads; grumbles daily about our weather and whined constantly about the lack of quality food here. He speaks in glowing terms of the long winding road in a neighbouring country where he goes to cycle almost every weekend and the cheap and good food he can get there.

Every now and then when I get tire of his whining, I will tell him why don't he move out of Singapore and his reply? Love it or hate it, he is here to stay cause Singapore is his home.Yes despite everything he is a Singaporean and he is no quitter!

It does not matter that we have no rolling hills to cycle on, no efficient on-time traisn, no generous social welfare benefits and no cheap housing. While Singapore is not perfect, it stills works and for all the detractors and whiners and moaners out there, Singapore is probably still the best. Crowded train? Try taking the train in China, Hongkong or Japan during peak hours, Expensive housing? Compare our options here against London. Population here too big? Go Jakarta or Bangkok and look at the jam there; both human and traffic! And which country in the world can we walk in the middle of the night and feel safe? Which country in the world can we be certain that we will not be killed by a stray bullet or some maniac with a collection of weapons? Which country in the world can we travel from urban to rural in less than 20 minutes?

Nevermind that we have no snow, no mountains to climb, no freedom to buy guns, no "liberty", no democratic government and no chewing gum. 

Singapore is and always be our Home
Happy Birthday Singapore!

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