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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Rotisserie

Got to put something out about this place before they expand until it is all over town and as common as Pastamania.

The Rotisserie is a place where they serves mainly roasted food. It is actually a mix between a fast food joint and a slightly atas restaurant. One place the order at the cashier, walk over to the serving counter and collect the food. No wait staff to serve at the table.

There are limited options like roasted chicken chicken or the mean fried pork knuckle; pork ribs and sausages. Prices ranges between $10.00 to $26.00 for main course. Each main comes with 2 sides. Unfortunately, they don't allow a mixture of cold and hot sides.

Roast chicken joint with potatoes and pasta

Roasted half chicken with rocket salad and pasta

Pork Knuckle with pasta and salad
Food is nothing to shout about but at its price, it is quite value for money. Easy, convenient and fast to go. Foresee more outlets opening all over. Already there are 3 outlets in town with one more opening soon at OCBC Centre.

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