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Saturday, October 13, 2012

JE Crab Specialist

This has got to be one of the most interesting place I ever ate at. I have never heard of this place before until one evening while on the way home from dinner, we passed by this place. It was fairly crowded even at about 9pm then. Decided to check it out one day.

So one weekday evening, hoping to avoid the weekend crowd, we came back to see this scene. 

It was about 7.30pm dinner time and the place was totally empty! Did we went to the wrong place? Nope. It was the right place. Where was the diners? At this time, practically every coffeeshop and HDB heartland food places were be filled with people but here there was none. This got me worried. Was the food that bad? Not if judging from the newspaper reviews on display.

It can't be the price either. What was shown on this wall menu seems pretty reasonable? Or was it a scam menu to draw in people?

Anyway, since we had came all the way here, we decide to just risk it and go ahead. The restaurant is in a HDB block of flat in Bedok North. Decorated like a kelong, it has the usual tanks and tanks of live seafood. 
They even hung up the crab shell as a "wall" feature.

Upon the recommendation of the manager, we ordered one of the set menu which came with:

Drunken prawn

Bamboo Clams

Two type of vegetables: Kai lan and seaweed covered with pork floss

Fried chicken also covered with pork floss

And the dish for the evening - Canadian Crab!

Last but not least, ramen cooked in zhizhar style.

The set for 6 cost $228.00 and includes a fruit dish for dessert. Was it worth the money? I didn't like the ramen but to me everything else was good. Especially the crab. This is the first time I am eating the Canadian crab and I never tasted one with meat as sweet and tender as this. Its beat the Sri Lankan crab handsdown! And its shell is so much softer and easier to crack. 

But what really got me all excited is that they have a special crab menu. For $88.00 per head, minimum of 6 diners, one can get 8 types of crabs cooked in 8 different ways. These are the Cheese baked local crab; Canadian crab, Alaskan Red King crab in cream sauce, Spicy Blue Swimmer Crab, Australian Rose crab in black pepper; Scottish Stone crab in chilli sauce; Soft shell crab in Portuguese sauce; stewed Sri Lankan crab bee hoon and Thai Style fresh crab meat. Unfortunately, so far I haven't been able to round up enough kakis for this. Anybody want to join me?

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  1. Yo ...for a moment I thought JE is at Jurong East :) Anyway I shall check out the Canadian Crab, what sauce is that by the way?