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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Meat & Greed 1 & 2

Ever since I managed to catch the Meat & Greed program on Channel 5, I was captivated by the mouth watering pictures of the food - mainly food and I have been looking for opportunities to visit the outlets featured.

Rabiah Muslim Food at the Whampoa Food Centre is one of the stall features for its many variety of meat dishes. After the show was telecast, I went there four times and all four times I was unable to savor the food as it was either not open or not yet ready. Finally I managed to eat on the fifth attempt!

There was a short queue when I reached there around 12 noon and ordered the fried chicken, assam fish and mixed vegetables. The whole lot with rice and a mean sambal chilli on the side cost $7.20 not exactly cheap but the fish was a pretty big piece. 

From what I could see, the food were more Chinese style cooking than Muslim food which probably explained why there were more Chinese queuing up for the food than Malays. But it was a very satisfying meal worth the $7.20 and the extra calories.

Another place featured was this stall in a coffee shop at Crawford Lane with a very unimaginative name "Happy Chef". I don't know whether the Chef is happy but I certainly was when I located the place one evening and found it opened. 

This is a traditional Hainese western food setup which seems to be going the way of the dodo bird. A lot of people were having the fish and chips. The fish looks fried to a golden perfection but we decided to have the steak instead. 

Was it good? Well, the price certainly was with most item costing an average of $8. The portion were pretty decent with a sizeable piece of meat, a small slice of garlic bread and some coleslaw and fries. Judging from the number of people who turned up at this time forgotten place just to eat this, I think they all agree that this is certainly a value for money and worth the trip there.

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