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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mooncake Index 2012

Somehow I missed compiling last year's mooncake index. What happened? I can't seem to remember why.

Anyway, this year economy is supposed to be better which usually means that come this time of the year I will get a lot of moon cakes from vendors but interestingly, this year the number actually drop.  Maybe it is really a sign of the good time since I didn't get a single box from any of the auction house cos I haven't given them any properties to auction for the past years.

So what I got are from the media owners and vendors hoping to get a slice of the advertisement pie of the company. Hmmmm is that bribery? Anyway, to play safe, everybody get to eat the mooncakes. I think it is good that the Mooncake festival last only 15 days otherwise everybody in the office will have increased cholesterol after stuffing themselves silly with all the mooncakes being passed around.

Shangri la Hotel Shang Palace - Kumquat Orange Paste with Grand Marnier in Snowskin. Surprisingly my only box of non-traditional mooncake. Taste like sherbet. A bit fizzy. Very unusual.

Ritz Carlton – Traditional baked white lotus seed paste. My favourite because of the box it came with. Took home the box to use as a watch storage case.

Gim Tim group of restaurant– Something from a “real” chinese restaurant. Taste like the rest which was a bit disappointing as I had high hopes for it.
Sheraton Towers Li Bai – Traditional baked white lotus seed paste. Still one of the best

Raffles Hotel Royal China – No truffles infused mooncake this year from Raffles just the traditional lotus seed paste. So sad. Luckily, another department got many boxes from a law firm and we had a truffle party!

Pine Garden – Finally something different from a HDB bakery but one which is pretty well known for their cakes. This one came with 2 different type of mooncake. The normal lotus seed paste with salted egg yolk and the assorted nuts. The latter hearken back to the good old days of mooncake where mooncakes are either filled with yam paste or red beans or lotus seed with nuts and watermelon seeds. And it comes with the giver's name on it too! Wonder why they do it? I mean put their company's name on to items which can be eaten. Isn't that like asking people to eat up their company?

That's all. A disappointing 6 boxes but good for my cholesterol . By the way, there are limited pictures of the mooncake itself since my hands are too shaky to take close up with the camera phone. And no, it is not because I DIY often until hands become shaky!

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