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Thursday, November 15, 2012


There this stall at the Amoy food centre that claim to sell authentic Costa Rican Cuisine. Ok I know Costa Rica is somewhere near America and in the movie, the people from there are always depicted as gangster and hoodlums. But I seriously have no idea what food they eat until this stall opens.

A glance at the signboard shows many rice dishes much like our food. Basically it is rice with either a meat and salad sides. There are tacos as well as all sort of salad.

I decided to try the Krunchy Chalupas which as far as I can make out is a fried taco filled with either beef or chicken and all sort of vegetables and jalapenos. It also come with a generous side serving of rice. At average price of about $4.00 it is certainly value for money.

So far that is my one and only Costa Rican food cause the next time I went back, it was closed and still remain closed. There is a notice there saying the nice Costa Rican lady who owes the stall is on sick leave and has to close the stall for a while. 

Hopefully it will open soon and I can go back and try the other items on the menu.

1 comment:

  1. interesting and looks healthy too.

    By the way, satay celup in old airport road? Shall check it out but not really my fav. it true that they sauce is 'environmentally' reuse?