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Friday, November 30, 2012

Meat and Greed 3

Next on my Meat and Greed hunt was this place in Ang Mo Kio. Not being very familiar with the neighbourhood, we walked around in the rain before we finally stumbled upon it only to discover that it was just next door to the famous Pine Garden's Cake Shop.

Which makes me wonder why they name themselves Next Door Deli. Are they related? I am quite sure they are caused

The dessert which we had at the end of the meal

came from there.

Anyway back to the food. The tv program highly recommended the chicken wing. They had 2 versions  - fried and grilled. Naturally we ordered both. Unfortunately, I didn't think it live up to its fame though.

We also had the grilled chicken chop. It came with 2 sides and a piece of garlic bread

 We also had one of their house specialities the fried laksa. It comes with prawn, fish cake but no chicken. The one in the picture was extra. It tasted a bit weird and need some getting use to but it kinda grew on me.

This is the meatball spaghetti. Err I had to say it but I think the one at Ikea is much better.

Finally we also had the sausage platter. It came with 3 different type of sausage and fries and this was probably the biggest dismantlement of all. Just look at the 3 small little bangers.

The saving grace was the price. At an average of about $7.00 on average, it is a very decent and filling meal and even if the food is not up to the mark as I expected, it is certainly value for money.

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  1. Wow food galore!!!! Ordered cakes from them before but not too sure about the food though.