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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Travel Sg - Building at Shrewsbury Road

There is old run down building that can be seen along Moulmein Road. Every time I pass by the place, I am curious why such a property in a prime area is not better utilised. There is a For Sale sign there which has been up for the longest time.

One very interesting feature about this property is its wall.  The top of the wall is covered with broken glass. I think this was used to deter burglars in the past and I think the practice has now been banned. But the wall is pretty low so I can imagine the number of hands it must have cut over its history.

While it looks vacant, there are a lot of well maintained potted plant at its front which is actually along Shrewsbury Road. The For Sale sign is still there

Let just see how long more it remain in this condition.

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