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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Cameron Highlands - More than a Land of Strawberry

Cameron Highlands. Everywhere we go, strawberries are everywhere. From the strawberry farms to the strawberries theme souvenirs for tourists.
Strawberries growing on pots in the farm. Year end is not really a good time to visit as it is too cold and most of the bigger strawberries would have been harvested.

Dried preserved strawberries for sale. Nice but too much salt and sugar added though.
Strawberry fondue

Of course, Cameron Highlands is also famous for its tea and the most famous is the Boh Tea plantations which dot the mountains making for a very postcard picture.
One of the must do when in Cameron Highlands is to trek through one of the numerous mountains. Weather is great most of the year so it makes for a great trek unlike hot humid Singapore. There are lot of trails to trek, lots of things to see like stick insects and exotic plant. We even spotted a lingzhi growing one of the trees. More on trekking here
Unfortunately like everywhere else, Cameron Highlands is fast succumbing to development both legal and illegal. Large tract of lands are being cleared for farming and hotel development. There is a perpetual traffic jam along the main road and the air is no longer as cool as it used to be.

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  1. My last visit to Cameron Highland was back in beautiful :D

    Merry Christmas Koh! :)