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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random Musings

Got so many things to write about but yet don't know what to write. Shall I blog about the new food places that I went to recently like Salta, the Argentina restaurant or the nice dessert at Chinatown which I have been patronising for the longest time but somehow never got to write about. Maybe the Teochew porridge at Ang Mo Kio which I keep asking my friends to try but never blog about here?

Or how about what has been going on in this little red dot? The Punggol East by election? Nah, too common. How about the nightmares that keep me awake at night: 6.9m population; $90,000+ COE; sky high properties (wait I think I wrote about that) and golf courses; my pet peeve. Oops I also wrote about that.

Talking about the latter 2, I can't believe that I am so "chun". A few days after I blogged about the properties prices, the government announced Cooling Measures No 7! That blog post alone garnered 674 views, a record for this blog considering that it was up only since 9 January this year. Then on 17 January 2013, I talked about the acquisition of the fish farms in Pasir Ris and why they should acquire golf courses instead. I followed this up with another piece on golf courses and concluded that golf courses are scared cow and untouchables! Then I read in the papers today; that in order to cater for the nightmarish 6.9m population in 2030, the government will set aside 5,600 hectares of land. Unexpectedly, the MND announced that apart from Bidadri, Bukit Brown, Tampines North and Tengah, it will also acquire golf courses! It doesn't said how many or which golf courses but al least there is now signs that golf courses are no longer "untouchables". Hurray!

So me think I should write about something else that matter to me like maybe the stratospheric COE. Maybe then the government will surprise me a 3rd time with an announcement to manage the COE prices?

Finally before I go off for my holidays, I going to end this posts with some amusing English translations of Chinese text from Facebook posts of a friend who love to post in Chinese. Hope you have a chuckle!

Original FB post                                    Translation by FB(Bing)

踏破草鞋无觅处,得来全不费功夫! Step broken straw sandals find no, delaiquanbufeigongfu!

开饭喽!                                             The meal myself!

The postman ... Do not. Should be a postman, son. Lie downin and polite. Full of cavities in northern Mandarin-speaking. I don't have problems. But how he wants to talk to I'm Malay and India fellow family communication? He said he was there to several dozens of people!

这场雨来匆匆,去得也匆匆。。。      The rain rush, go up

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