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Monday, April 22, 2013

Home Stay at Alang Manja, Malaysia

During the recent weekend trip up to Kuala Lumper, we stayed at this out of the way homestay. Why we went there was because it  was the nearest place to the Orang Asli village. 

Our bus couldn't go in to the entrance and we had to walk about 200 metres from the road. Still the weather there was fairly pleasant and when we reached our destination, this little sign said it all - the essence of Old Malaya.

There was only 1 structure and it did look like a sanitized Kampung house. The place was really basic. No air condition. And only 1 water heater in the common toilet. All 20 of us has to share the 3 toilets which were fairly clean but water pressure was pretty bad. Most of us ended up bathing traditional style - straight from the tap with just a small pail to scoop the water over us. The only tv in the living room was not working so there was absolutely nothing to do in the evening except getting to know each other.

As a couple, we got the only twin share bedroom whilst the rest of the runners stayed in the dormitory which has double decker bed.

There was a lovely stream running at the back of the homestay and we could see many locals coming here to picnic. Unfortunately, as in common in most part of South East Asia, they didn't take their rubbish out with them and the banks were littered with trash.

Overall, it was a charming little place. Great for those who want to get it away from the bustle of city life. But there is no restaurant nearby and meals is dependent upon what the staff can whip out in the little kitchen. Highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the country side and maybe hike in the forest.

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