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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Navy Open House

Had been to the Army Open House aeons ago but never the Navy Open House. But since the kid is now a Navy guy, and since he could get us in ahead of the crowd over the weekend, we went to our first Navy Open House.

Not much of a sea guy and don't know my port and stern or what's not. But there were signs to tell us what the different vessels were and also onboard tour and a joy ride out to sea. The Armed Forces and the Air Forces also contributed some equipment for the public to gawk at.

Some of the vessels on display

The foreign ships that were there. Too bad we couldn't get close up.

Some of the other hardware on show

The highlight for me was catching a glimpse of the Navy latest toy - the submarine.


  1. Nice & impressive...but read about the crowd on that day....whew...

  2. I went on Friday so it wasn't crowded at all.