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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pet Peeves while Moving Around

Not in any particular order:

1) People who text, play games, watch video on their phone or tablet while travelling on the escalator or walking in a crowded area

2) Smokers who smoke in groups along common corridors forcing people to walk through a cloud of smoke

3) Cyclists who ring their bell non-stop while cycling on pedestrian walkway and pavement

4) People who keep blowing their nose while in a train or bus

5) People who talk so loud on their phone that the whole train carriage can hear the conversation

6) Dog owner who do not pick up their dog poo

7) People who go to Nature Reserve and Parks for the fresh air but light up while they are there spoiling the air for everybody

8) Cyclists who treat the East Coast Park bike path as a racing circuit and ride at race speed without any regards for other park users

9) Big strapping men who rush for seat or compete for seat with ladies on the train

10) Commuters who stands in the middle or front of the bus and refuse to move to the rear

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