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Monday, June 17, 2013

Muar Food Street

So we were in Muar for the food and the run of course. Before we left, we were told there was this famous food street. I had expected something akin to the famous Glutton Corner of Penang but what I got was more like a back alley of food stalls. It was a big letdown.
We arrived in Muar around lunch time and promptly went in search of food. We came to this coffee shop at the corner of the food street and so we proceeded to order what we thought was the famous food there.
Sadly, the char kway teow was too dry.
The roast meat was so so and nothing to rave about.
The otar was plain tasteless.

Perhaps the best of the lot was the pig intestine soup with salted vegetables.
Ok maybe in our haste, we got the wrong place so we promised to come back to the food streets for real food.
7 pm and we are out of the hotel eager to savour the food. We bumped into our friends who had came out earlier and were told most of the stalls had closed and foods were fast running out in the rest. A food street in a major tourist belt that close at 7 – 8 plus on a weekend? I couldn’t believe it but it was true!  
Sure  enough, the last stall selling satay had ran out of satay! Most other stalls had closed and the few remaining opened stalls had no customers. I am always wary of patronizing stalls that have no customers. Something has to be wrong with their food. But our options were running out fast. With each delay, we were looking at less and less choice. So we settled for chicken rice and wanton mee. The chicken rice was normal but the wanton mee was so bland I could have just dumped and get something else – if there was any?
Eventually, on another street we found this interesting chendol stall. That was some consolation although taking a coconut milk based food the night before a race was a big risk but we had come all this way and we wasn’t going to leave unsatisfied! The chendol was quite interesting. Not like the Penang chendol but it made a good consolation prize.
We had to run the next morning so no time to sniff around for breakfast but for lunch we went to this coffee shop where finally we got some “better” quality food. 

The char kway teow  with otar was good but my favourite was the fruit rojak. Unlike the Singapore version, this was filled with all sort of fruits and mixed into the sweet shrimp paste, it produces a nice sweet and yet sourish taste. The fish ball noodles and fish noodles was slightly above average but still there is feeling that my stomach has unfinished business here.

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