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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Jurong Bird Park

Singapore has some very world class parks and animal parks. One of the most unique is the Jurong Bird Park. Unfortunately, after seeing 1bird, 2 birds and 3 birds, all the birds start looking alike. So unlike the Zoo where we go more often, we hardly go to the bird park. The other deterrent of course is the cost. But since the Princess was volunteering there, we decided to pay her a visit.

One thing about the birds are that they are mainly in cages abide big cages but with the bars, it wasn't easy to take photograph. But there were a few walk in aviary  like the Waterfall, the Jewels, the Lory Loft etc where there are free ranging birds flying all over us.

Here are some of the birds that we saw.


  1. Wahhhhhh......You visit Jurong Bird Park where didn't visit me in Jurong Island leh :(

    Heheheh....I think I see more of what you capture then I would if I visit the Park ..honestly :D Great job Koh :D

  2. I wish I could visit you on Jurong Island.I would love to write about my time there and have some photos of the place too

  3. Photos of JI not possible liao as there is a restriction on photo-taking. Yes, this place has been transformed. The office you used to work has not been converted to Laboratory known as Research Development & Quality Assurance Building. Some old faces you could probably still remembered - HR, PE, PP colleagues :D