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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Recipes Restaurant by Shatec

Been passing  by this place for some time on my way to Running Lab for the night run. Most time it looks deserted. But my curiosity was piqued. And I wanted to try the food they served but the place looks a bit atas and I didn't think it was appropriate to dine there in tees and shorts after our run. The odour of the lingering sweat will surely drive whatever customers they have away!
But the chance came recently when I was at Funan to get something. For dinner, we decided to pop over and try out the food. Finally!
The menu was so simple. There was only 1 item – a set dinner at $25++ which comes with a choice of starters (out of 2 items); a choice of mains (out of 3), a drink and a dessert (choice of whatever pastries or cakes that is available). We opted for 1 of each so that we could savor the different versions.
For the starters, we had the Vegetable Chowder soup and the Salmon salad. We switched dish halfway through so that we could have the best of both worlds. Serving portion was reasonable and quality acceptable. Credit must be given for the tastefully displayed salad.

For the mains, M opted for the roast chicken which came with baked potatoes and some vegetables. I went for the Alfredo pasta with roast chicken.

Generally, the roast chicken was of decent standard. Actually I don’t think they can go wrong with that considering that even the supermarkets can produce decent roast chickens nowadays. Unfortunately, the pasta was rather bland and I had to add salt to add flavor to it.
Dessert for us was a mango cake and chocolate cake. This was baked by students who are on the verge of moving over to hotels for their next stage of training. While the cake didn't look as nice and nifty as those in the more high class cake shop and bakery, they were reasonably good and I had no complaints with them.

Overall, the service was immaculate. From the minute we stepped in till we left, we were waited upon by a pair of very attentive and friendly staff. Plates were cleared promptly, water was refilled at regular interval and the food was served at a decent pace.
Shatec’s  Recipes  restaurant was set up for its hospitality and culinary students to get real life experience and I must say they have trained the students well. Service was excellent overall, at S$25.00 per person, it is worth a visit with a date for some nice quiet time and dinner.

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