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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo used to be one of those place that I goes to very often when the children were younger. That was when we qualify for the Zoo Family membership plan which makes it super cheap to go to the zoo. But since the kids passed the age of 12, the visits there has sort of dried up since it now cost an arm and a leg to go there.

Recently, to celebrate its anniversary, there was a discount for Singaporean, so we took the opportunity to go for a revisit. Nothing much has changed though. The polar bear now got a bigger enclosure. Rather ironic since there is only 1 now compared to previously when there were 2. The Treetop Trail was close which was quite a pity since I enjoy looking for the small free ranging creatures.

In my many visits there previously, I seldom see the tortoises up close so I was surprised that there was actually quite a lot of giant tortoises of different species at the zoo. 

The Komodo Dragon. There is even a baby dragon. And the enclosure has moved and part of it is opened meaning no glass! Great for picture shooting but unfortunately the pit is a bit too deep. So I still ended up with a picture of the dragon behind a piece of glass.

The crocodile. This used to be one of my favourite - the crocodile exhibit Sungei Buaya. But there seems to be very much lesser crocs now though.

The Proboscis monkey. There are now 2 exhibits of these monkeys. Guess they are breeding too fast and 1 enclosure is no longer big enough for them.

The Hamadryas baboon. My favourite place, Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, home to the Hamadryas and the Ibex. The sight of the baboon humping each other is always .....well sorry no pictures here!

The mini horse or Shetland pony. Not exactly my favourite cause the horses seem so sad always inside the stable.

But overall still a great place to visit. Simply the best zoo in the region!

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  1. Hey...your photos hor can send to the National Geographic leh....can 'fight'....super tokong!!! :)