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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Trouble with Ang Mio in Singapore

First let me declare that I am not a racist or one of those anti-foreigners. But something when I encountered some of these ang mio, I really feel like telling them to go fuck off and get the hell back to where they come from!

Like yesterday when I was at the East Coast Park covering the Tri-Factor Tri. On my way home, I was running along the almost deserted cycling path when I heard a ring and a clearly ang mio lady voice asking me to give way. As every one who have been to East Coast Park will know, the cycling path is pretty wide and did I mentioned it was almost deserted since it was the tail end of the race? And I wasn't walking in the centre of the path but slightly to the left. But still I moved slowly to the side. The ang mo lady with 2 kids and a husband in tow rode pass. And the fucking ang mio man remarked loudly, I think, for my benefit and I quote: "That's the trouble with Singaporean. They can hear you but they ignore you". 

That got me boiling mad. Did they expect me to jump out of the way just because they are riding past? Or do they expect me to stop, stand at attention and salute them? The freaking path is so wide they could easily have rode pass me without any issue. And it was not like I was not giving way but do they seriously expect me to jump aside for them?

And that is the trouble with many ang mio in Singapore. They behave like they own the freaking country and somebody has given them this right to lord it over the locals. When I go running at the Peirce area, I can always hear the ang mio cyclists coming up behind me. They will be the one shouting loudly to all other creatures to get out of their way. Come on, we don't have eyes at the back of our heads. Since they are behind us, shouldn't it be them avoiding us rather than the other way round?

And again back at the tri. I noticed that it is always the ang mio who are shouting "keep left" and not the local. Seriously, its not like they are so good that they are faster than we locals. And when they don't get their way, they do this "jeez" sound in exasperation but is it such a big deal!

I think the ang mio here think too highly of themselves. Just because a few idiotic locals fawn over them and think they are Greek Gods, doesn't mean they are. Don't get me wrong. I know a few ang mio who are pretty nice guy and humble but generally those that I do not know, I can only say that they are a shame and a disgrace to the country  they came from.  

In my work, I get phone calls from all sort of people including ang mio. And I can said for sure the ang mio are the most obnoxious. One of the first question they will ask is "Are you the decision maker" and if not, they refuses to speak to you and demand to speak to someone who can. Who the hell do they think they are? If they have to do cold calls, they are no better than all the other telemarketers out there. And the fact is, they are the one doing the selling whilst I am the one holding the trump card which means they are a lower life form than me!


  1. well cold callers who don't establish a relation to the first gate keeper is a idiot regardless of nationality

  2. I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo with you.....they really think they are big shot when they are here. I've travelled to so many places and they are nothing back home so when they are here...they are the biggest YAYAYAY PAPAPAPPAPYYYYAAAAA!!!! :(