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Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Noodle Story @ Amoy Food Centre

Continuing the quest for new hawkers, this one stand out for its innovation. 2 young man running a noodle story with a twist. Like a typical kaisu kaisee Singaporean, they have come up with the ultimate kaisu kaisee all-in-one uniquely Singaporean noodle that cannot be found anywhere else on this island.

So what is the Singapore noodle? Very simple - take all that Singaporean like about noodle and volia
1) Wonton
2) Prawn
3) Fries
4) Japanese style egg
5) Hongkong style noodle
6) Japanese style barbecue pork or char siew
7) Sambal chilli
Throw in some local garnishees like hay bee (dried shrimps) and there you have it - the Singapore noodle!

Of course you can have all this but if it doesn't taste good - then nobody is going to buy especially at prices starting from $5 a bowl. I like the egg and the char siew which they use a flame to fire directly on. The curly fries was a nice touch. Too bad only 1 prawn it it. I find it too salty maybe because they use lemong rass as one of their sauce. Overall, it is very interesting. I wouldn't say it is good. Maybe unique. Let's just hope they will continue to experiment with the recipe and come up with something that is really uniquely Singapore and nice to boot,

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