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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Smokers are selfish and inconsiderate

Smokers, I swear, are the most inconsiderate people in the world. Not only do they choose to pollute our lungs with their second hand smoke but they also choose to pollute the environment. 

Sometime ago, I talked about the disappearing rubbish bin and my tango with the NEA over smoking along the walkway. Eventually, the NEA figured they couldn't beat the smokers and so the bin came back notwithstanding that the walkway should be considered a shelter walkway and hence covered under the new anti-smoking law. But I had by then gave up the fight with the smokers and the NEA.

Then recently one morning, I was astonished to see that the bin had disappeared. But unfortunately, the smokers didn't disappear along with the bin and the cigarette butts and the rest of their accessories like the box and tissues all ended up on the flower bed and the ground.

Some enterprising guy even came up with this little urn to put the cigarette butts but most of them just ended up on the ground.

And this was what I saw this morning when I went to work.

The bin or half of it has made a reappearance along with a whole chunk of junk. I half hope the whole lot will catch fire. That will at least catch the attention of the big wigs at NEA. But fortunately or unfortunately, the trash was soon clear and we are now just back to good old cigarette butts.

I have nothing against smokers personally. Many of them are nice guys but I dare say, almost all of them will think nothing of just flicking that butt on the ground and just walking away. I seen it often enough, fisherman doing it at the jetty, cyclists dumping it when they ride past and office workers like those above tossing them into the flower bed. Are they selfish and inconsiderate? Definitely and I like to see anybody who can argue against that!

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