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Friday, December 27, 2013


I think the last time I had a burger was like 2 years ago. So when I was looking for a nice place to eat and came across this place, I decided I must go and check it out. The setting at Bishan Park was of course the clincher.

We reached before 7 pm but it was already packed. Signs that the food is good? We were asked to key in our particulars on a tablet at the entrance and we will be contacted via sms when our place was available. The staff said about 40 minutes wait. Bump:( but we were at Bishan Park so we figure we could kill the time by walking around. But 5 minutes and 50 metres away from the entrance, while we were admiring the natural filtration pond, we got an automated call that our table was ready! Lucky we never change and went for a run instead. 

The place is quite smallish. A small air condition section and another equivalent size outdoor area. We were given a table outside which was fine with me since it was a lovely evening.

From what I read in the reviews online, their speciality is burger so we each ordered a burger. I had the pork burger while M had the cheese burger. Both look identical and comes with a side of fries. 

The bun looks a bit artificial. Maybe we are used to the soft buns from Mac and Burger King. It was a bit too hard for my liking. But the pork patty was good. It comes topped with apples and some sauce called chimichurri. At $13.00 for a burger, this is to date the most expensive burger I ever had. 

But one burger for me certainly wasn't enough. Luckily, I also ordered something else that was highly recommended online. The slow roasted pork belly. 

That the pork belly on top of mashed potato and a mango sauce. This cost $15.00. I have no doubt the pork belly was well roasted. It looks good and taste good but it was totally fatty meat and even me a pork knuckle lover had to back off after half of it. M took only 1 small cut of it. Maybe that the way it is supposed to be?

Anyway, according to Grub website, the place offers responsible eating and sourcing meaning they source the ingredients from green and environmentally friendly producers and they cook their food with only natural ingredients ie no msg, preservatives, flavouring etc which explains why the bun looks and taste like that.

They have a wide selection of interesting looking beers but unfortunately since I was driving, I had to desist :(

A cool place to hangout if not for the small place and crowd which means it won't be nice to sit, drink and talk cock while there are many hungry people waiting for a table.

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