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Sunday, December 22, 2013


I heard of Prego for many many years. But I just didn't feel like paying big bucks to eat pasta and pizza when I can have the same at much lower price. But I was curious to know how it survive for so many years when a lot of other places had came and went so finally we made a trip down.

It was a mid week lunch time and we didn't make any reservation. I didn't expect the place to be full. After all, I passed by a few time and the place look very big. But I was wrong. It was fully booked! The apologetic staff asked whether we mind sitting at the high chair area. So okay we thought we gave it a try. We quite like the view from the high chair so when the staff came and told us there was a cancellation and she could move us to a proper table, we decline the offer and choose to sit where we were. And so we managed to take this photo of the place.

I like the setup very much. There was a big long bar counter and an antipasti bar. And many many tables all of which were occupied. The food has to be good!

The cheapskate trio of us ordered a soup, a salad, a mixed platter of meat and 2 pasta. That was it. But it didn't come cheap though. These 4 items set me back by $150.00. I could have the same thing at a hawker centre for a fraction of that but of course it was the atmosphere and the Italian cook's (I think) skill that we were paying for. And the super polite and friendly service. Service incidentally was a bit slow - I guess maybe due to the crowd.

The platter of mixed meat comprising 3 different type of cured meat. I must say I like the Parma ham very much.

This is the Paccheri which is actually lobster meat in some sort of tomato sauce. The kid had this though so I didn't know whether it was good.

I had the Fusilli which was crab meat, asparagus in seafood sauce with Basil. Which remind me that I don't like the strong taste of Basil leaves. I didn't finish this dish.

M had the soup (sorry no photo - a soup is a soup nothing great to look at) and this interesing salad. Misto alla Griglia - eggplant, pumpkin, capsicum, walnut and rocket salad. Very unusual and interesting combination.

Overall I like the place especially the service. But I think I won't be back any time soon. There are places where I can have the same thing for much lesser but if anybody want to impress a date over a causal lunch or dinner - this is probably the place to do it without being very formal.

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