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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who Hijack MH370?

Now after 7 days the Malaysian Government has finally came out to say that MH370 has been hijacked. But the identity of the hijacker is still unknown. Likewise, the plane and its passengers. Everybody has their theory on what happened to it. Uncle me, however knows the truth.

Generally, in current time, the terrorists are mainly from the African and Middle East area but Malaysia is a friend to the Arabs and so should not be a target of the religious fanatics there. So we can discount the terrorist. Lets go back to the week before the plane disappeared. What major thing happened in Malaysia. Who did the Malaysian's offended? Can't remember?

Maybe this will refresh the memory: Yes Ultraman! And what happened after that? Yes the plane disappeared without a trace. How can a plane with so much modern communication technology disappeared totally without a trace. If some terrorist has hijacked the plane, I am sure some passengers will be able to sneak through a phone call or the pilot could have been able to send some secret signal. But the whole damm plane just disappeared off radar.

Me think the only way this can happen is if some supernatural force took it. Like some alien. But we all know ET already went home. And Lt Ripley and the Avengers killed the other aliens. So no more aliens. . And since the Malaysian offended Ultraman King, he took his revenge and carried the plane away. He with his superior skill will be able to jam all the communication equipment on board and carry the plane away. Logical right? 

So the next step is to go to Ultraman land and demand the return of the plane. Problem solved!

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