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Friday, April 4, 2014

Liang Kee Teochew Restaurant

If there is anything this Teochew uncle likes to eat more than Japanese food, crab and steak, it is Teowchew food. And Singapore has a whole lot of good Teochew food. But good fine Teochew food and not the Teochew porridge type is expensive and so far I have only went to a handful like Ban Seng, Huat Kee, Hung Kang, Ar Oh,  Chin Lee and Chao San Crusine etc Too bad that Mong Hing has closed. That was a place that I had wanted to go but never got the chance to go. Interestingly, we almost always order the same few dishes and the occasion was inevitaby Mum's birthday.

This year we wanted to go Chin Lee but it was fully booked so we tried Liang Kee which we have never been to. The place was packed when we arrived around 8 pm. We looked at what other people were ordering and we asked for recommendations and finally we ordered about 8 dishes which included the following:

1. Egg omelette

2. Pork Ribs

3. Ngoh Hiang

4. Clayfish

5. Chicken

 6. Kong bak pau

7. And of course Or Nee or Yam Paste

I try to think back to the other places as a basis for comparison. I remembered a single pomfret at Ban Seng cost us $99 which was so expensive. Ah Orh was a bit disappointment. Considering it location and set up, it wasn't cheap cheap. I don't remember much about Hung Kang except that they had the absolute best goose meat I ever tasted. Huat Kee was simply too expensive for me to rave about. Chin Lee used to be a regular visit when my late Mother in Law was alive and it had one of the best egg omelette and yam paste. So how did Liang Kee fares against all of them.

It was not as expensive as we expect. It was much cheaper than the Chao San Cuisine that we went to last year. And certainly much much better quality and quantity of food. This will be one place that I will be happy to come back again. Next up?

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