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Friday, May 16, 2014

Gardens by the Bay

Finally I managed to drop in both the Conservatories at Garden by the Bay. I have bee to the Flower Dome previously but not the Cloud Forest. These are the highlights of the Garden by the Bay in addition to the Supertrees.

Since it was the last day of the Tulip flower shows, I decided to go down and take a look at both the both.

Here are some photos from the visits.

This is the flower dome. There is a center area where the flower exhibits can be changed. The whole place is climate controlled to the cool dry Mediterranean region. In addition to the flower exhibits, there are display of plants from all the region such as olive trees, cactus and so on.

The Tulip exhibits with tulips from the Netherlands. Tulips of all colour and size. Beautifully arranged although sadly because this was the last day of the exhibit, a number of the tulips were already withering.

A close up of some of the tulips

Other flowers in the Flower Dome

The Cloud Forest is a stimulation of the mountainous region complete with a 35 metres waterfall and artificial mist. Plants here are those that can be found in the sort of altitude with many species of orchids, pitcher plants and bromeliads.

The main "actions" is on this 35 metres high tower cum waterfall. There is a lift to bring visitors up to the top and slowly walk down the bridge to the bottom while viewing the plants alongside.

Some of the flowers found there

Didn't have time to go over to the Super Trees. Was there last year and took some photos of the trees in the night.

Certainly while the Garden is a bit artificial, it is still worth a visit to gawk at the exotic plants and the colourful trees.

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