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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sentosa Facelift

Sentosa is getting a facelift after nearly 8 years, The last time it under goes a major change was the development of the Resort World. According to the press release, Sentosa will be getting five themed zones most of which will be along the beach.

But according to our little bird, that is not all that Sentosa is getting.

Sentosa will be hosting Singapore's first nudist resort! To shed more light on the unclothing of this, we managed to corner an executive of Sentosa Discovery Centre, Mr Miah Cheng Kor in the men's locker room to find out the rationale for the decision.

Mr Miah said "OMG, your little bird very big hor! Your news faster than I can unzip my pants hahaha! Yes yes we were mulling over how to attract more people to Sentosa. We already have the casino, the musical fountain, the museums, 2 aquariums, the golf course and we need something really unique. So then hor we were meeting and big Boss said die die Sentosa must have something new and so unique that it will be a game changer for Singapore. My good buddy, Mr Boh Cheng Sar and me, we were you know in the gym changing room when we saw the news. And bingo!

You know, the news about the people going to this ulu beach in Penang for this nudist sports game. And it struck us. Why should Penang get the cream of the nudists. And Singaporeans some more! If Singapore has its own nudist resort, then our nudists don't have to go and spent their money in another country and kena charged. They can shed their inhibitions and of course their cloths right here in Sentosa. And imagine how many more tourists will come. Abd you know, our Sentosa beach hosts many sports events a year so we can even have the first International Nudist Sports Game here not a miserly game for just 18 people on some faraway isalnd. Singapore do things must have style ok?

Of course to protect our guests from all the cheeko peks and paparazzi, we will have a 5 metres high fence to block them out and keep our guests' privacy. Even the beach will be blocked off to prevent sharks and fish from swimming in. We won't want the fish to mistake anything dangling as a worm and take a bit hor...hahaha"

So there you have it, Singapore very first nudist beach coming up soon to a neighbour island next to you. Get ready, shed your cloth and go....

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