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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Camus House, Onich, Scotland

During our sojourn through Scotland, we stayed at quite a few places. Mostly bed and breakfast but the place that stand out the most was the Victorian style Camus House at Onich, Fort William run by Alastair and Louise.

Not only did these lovely couple made us feel welcome, they also gave us many tips on the best place to visit in the area, the best place to eat. It was from them that we managed to have the best time in Scotland, hiking through the Glens. Read the account of our visit to Glen Righ and Glen Nevis here.

The whole place is so beautiful and romantic. From the lovely cottage bedroom to the warm inviting living room to the countryside looking dining room and the view of the Loch.

Can you imagine a more beautiful bedroom than this? Possibly the most romantic bedroom one can get. Honeymooners, this will be the most perfect place to smooch around if you are not the sun and sand type.

The cosy looking living room. There is absolutely no hotel style lobby to spoil the whole setup.

And the beautiful dining room where breakfast is served with a gorgeous view of the Loch Linnhe


So if any of you reading this decides to go to Scotland and in particular the Highlands, this is the place to stay. You can make your reservation through their website here. And no, I am not paid to sing praises of this place. Just my way of saying thanks for the hospitality and the great stay.

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