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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Vocal Majority vs the Silent Minority

It would appear that the whole Singapore is unhappy with the policy on CPF, the transport system and generally everything about the PAP government judging from the numerous rantings on social media. And practically every social political web pages are anti-PAP. So it would seems that way doesn't it?

Likewise in Hongkong. Judging from the thousand of protesters gathered in the various places in downtown Hongkong, it would seem that the whole of Hongkong are with the students and want the China government to give Hongkong more independence. But then somewhere along the line, some detractors have came out strongly against the protesters so it looks like not everybody is with the protesters after all.

We were in Scotland during the last 2 weeks leading up to the referendum vote for independence from the United Kingdom. Everywhere we go, we see people campaigning for the "Yes" (independence) camp. There were street rallies, marches, flags, posters everywhere, on the street, in the shop, at farmland and we even saw a Yes sign in the middle of a farmland and the sea.

These are just some of the photos we took of the campaigning.

In contrast, we can hardly see any campaigning for the "No" camp. There was this brave chap who could go up to people with the YES sign and try to speak to them. All he got was nasty looks.

So it would seems that the majority of the Scots want independence. But yet we know that was not the case cos in the end the referendum motion was defeated by a majority vote. And a quite significant margin too. 

So things are what it seems when there are a lot of people who kpbu everyday. Never ever underestimate the power of the silent majority.

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