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Monday, August 4, 2014

126 Wan Dou Sek

I heard about this dim sum outlet in Geylang but never actually been there. Until now. As per the grapevine, there was a long queue outside the small little shop. Thank goodness a friend was there earlier and he queued up for us first.

The place is a tad too small with long table instead of the usual round tables. But while the place is certainly no fancy restaurant, it makes up for it with character and a super long menu comprising dim sum of all sorts and even chilli crab!

Ordering was simple. We just write down what we want from the menu onto a plain piece of paper and one of the staff takes it away and before we can even warm the seat, everything is on the table. The food comes quick and fast I suppose so that we can eat and get out fast.

We ordered a lot of dim sum for the 8 of us and surprisingly our bill came to a round $126 the same as the address of the place. Too bad we didn't strike any 4-D or we will be back. Food is so so but certainly very reasonably priced.

Fried wantons

Century egg pork porridge

Kong Bak pau - one of their signature dish

Fried chee cheong fun

Fried intestines

Kong bak pau and siew mai

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