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Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Shrinking Char Siew Bao

Char Siew bao are shrinking. Traditionally, char siew bao is always slightly smaller than the bak bao. The first mini size char siew bao I think was started by Tanjong Rhu bao. But it was still of a decent size. Then there was D'bun. Theirs was pretty small and then I discovered the bao at Toa Payoh.

This must be the absolutely the miniest of all char siew bao. They are so small that I can pop 2 into my mouth easy enough and swallow them without choking. At this rate, each bao will shrink to the size of a M&M!


  1. how much for one mini char siew bao har?

  2. 50cts. All their baos (not just the char siew) come in mini size