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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ban Ban Ban

The Straits Times Forum page today (12/8/09) carries a letter by a reader complaining about backpacks. Quote: "Commuters carrying backpacks on trains are a public inconvenience, particularly when the pack sticks out in a crowded train. Every commuter carrying a bulging backpack on a train or bus takes up standing room meant for two people." Unquote

So let's summarize:

1. Army boys stink. Ban army boy from bus/trains
2. Durian stink. Ban durian
3. Bicycle takes up space. Ban bicycle
4. Backpack take up space. Ban backpack.

What else?

While we on the banning wishlist, why not:-
  • Shopping bags also take up space around the passenger. Ban shopping bags
  • School children plays on the train, sit on the floor and block passenger's way. Ban school children
  • Loud music from MP3 disturb the peace. Ban MP3 players
  • People talking on the phone disturb the peace as well. Ban handphone
  • Couples snogging on the train is an eye sore. Ban couples from travelling together
  • Handicap people, wheelchair move slowly, inconvenience other commuters and take up space. Ban the handicap
  • Strollers, prams obstruct the passengerway. Ban strollers and prams.
  • Wailing babies disturb the peace. Ban babies and toddlers
  • Pregnant women and obese people takes up 2 seats when they only pay for one. Ban them
And here's my own personal ban list: I stay in Simei so by the time I board the train, its already crowded and there are no seat. These people are infringing on my right to a seat. I say let's ban the people from Pasir Ris to Tampines. And those people down the route, standing in my way, block my light, disturb my peace with their talking, spread all sorts of germs. Ban everybody from Tanah Merah till I alight at Tanjong Pagar.

Yah power to human right!!

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  1. ...didn't realise your blog is such a enjoyable distraction for me from my studies....