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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smelly NS Man

Okay I know this is a bit late and everybody in cyberspace have talked to death about it but for those who really blur until don't know what is going on - seems a lady wrote to the forum to complain about smelly NS men on public buses. She relates that her daughters were traumatised by the smell and she is now calling for NS men to be banned on public transport and suggested that they should take taxi instead. Read the full article here.

First of all, to be fair to her, I do agree that some NS men do smells. So does some foreign workers. So does some local people. In fact, so does me (especially after run) - so how - ban everybody from taking public transport?

Other than this single point of agreement, I think she should be the one taking the taxi since she obviously is more atas than the rest of us common people. And I hope to goodness she does not develope BO. And very obviously, she got to ban her daughters from ever marrying local man since they all go to go army. As to what the rest of Singapore think of her.. just do a google and you can read them yourself

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