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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Battle of the Baos

Not that type of bao.... but the real edible type.

Was at Red Star Restaurant at Chin Swee Road last week and of course we had to have their Big Bao. Those in the know will know that it is no ordinary big. By big, I mean big big as in humogous.

Here it is next to the pretty little lady. Machiam like an advertisement for some facial products. Noticed how it is almost as big as her face.

Then there is the Gozilla bao. No pretty lady in this photo though. Just a coffee cup and 2 regular size buns.
So which is bigger? Or more importantly, which is better? Curious to know?

Go and try it yourself lah.


  1. Her smile is like that crack of that big Bao too, so cute :D

    Have you tried it yourself? Which part of Chin Swee?

  2. Red Star Restaurant is at the Havelock Rd end. And of course I tried the pao. I think 3 times already:) It's big enough for 6 person. Don't order if you wish to have more of the other dim sum