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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speak Good English Movement 2008

The gahmen got another Speak Good English campaign. This one we all must support. Gahmen said speak good English very important. Whole world speak English, we don’t speak good English, people cannot understand us than how we do business over the sea?

We all cannot be like the Aussie. You know the Aussie so goondu – cannot also spell Good Morning. So they shortform to G’day. Lidat mean what? No wonder, their economy kena like sai! Also, the Taiwan people – you got hear them speak English or not? Their airsence don’t know like what – hear 10 times still cannot understand and they still dare to poke fun of our English! Buah tahan! The China people, last time their menu got funny food like ‘Dry Fried Ass Meat in Xiang Style” – now got Olympic everything improve already.

My friend, he speak Queen’s English. He make big money and stay in condom. We all must learn like him. Very good example. So Singaporean, support our Speak Good English campaign. If not, kena cock on the head by teacher, very malu. And the pubic servant don’t care you if you don’t know how to speak English to them.

Got to go now. Going to buy fresh herpes. Cheap Cheap!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Killer Fruit

Right at the top of the killer food chain is nicotine but this one most people willingly smoke themselves to death.

Then there are poisonous food such as certain species of mushrooms and berries and of course the famous fugu. Oh yah and peanuts.

Add to the list - star fruit. Yes star fruit! Got this email that claims star fruit is deadly to kidney patients. Apparently Universiti Malaya Medical Centre consultant nephrologist said that star fruits contain a neurotoxin which is not present in other fruits. It affects the brain and nerves. In healthy persons, the kidneys filter it out. But for those with kidney problems, this potent toxin cannot be removed and will worsen the consumers' conditions.

Didn't unearth anything from the UMMC's website. Is this one of those hoax mail? So fact or fiction?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Babies Blue

The gahmen has again come out with a slew of incentives to get our Singaporean to make babies. Seem like Singaporean are not reproducing fast enough and the number of foreigners will soon out numbered the locals - machiam like Kuwait. Actually it may already have happened considering that nowadays everywhere you look, there is either a foreign looking Indian or Chinese.

Anyway, back to the procreation issue - is these lot of latest incentives going to work? My colleagues - we were discussing and most agreed it will not. Those who want to have babies will have babies no matter whether got incentives or not. Those who don't want babies - nothing is going to make it happen unless shotgun of course! The general consensus is that those under 30 will want to wait until their career is established and they have enjoyed life to the max before they even think of settling down, never mind think of having babies. By the time they get round to wanting a kid, most of them find that they can't even lay a single egg:) You know, the spirit is willing but the body and certain part cannot work already. So if cash incentives + extended leave not going to work. What will?

Somebody wrote to the Today's paper and suggest waiver of COE and road tax. Not too sure how that will help. Maybe more exciting? - people own car - can drive out more often to those partoh area - and make babies in the car? Our HDB flat too small. Cannot do at home. Parents can hear you know! So next time we run up Mt Faber and see a rocking car, don't think too badly of the people inside - they are just heeding the gahmen's call.

I too have my own suggestions. Gahmen please take note.

1. Noticed how in the past there was no such problem. Typical families will have at least 3 or more. Eg. my uncle has 7, my old man (God bless his soul!) has 11 (yes I have 10 siblings in total), M's maternal grandmother has 7 to just name a few. So how come now so different? Because nowadays people go to office to work early in the morning, come home late late, totally drained from a long day in the office or drunk from a togo session, still got reruns of drama to catch up or more work to do, by the time get to bed is invariably after 12 midnight and too tired to do anything!

My solution - have a 'blackout day' once every month or even fortnight. Cut off power to everything - offices, factories, malls, petrol pumps, tv everything and I mean everything! No tv, no internet, no public transport, no mall, no cinema, Trapped at home without the ability to go anywhere or do anything - can only do 1 thing right? That's why people in the past got so many kids. After going home - got no tv to watch, talk? where got so much things to talk anyway, so do what? go sleep early and do what comes naturally lor!

Sigh - even me think too drastic a solution. Not workable! Next best solution. This one sure can cause it's what our gahmen do best and encourage:

Foreign Talent - er I mean foreign babies! That's right. Babies. Not the adult taking up our jobs, flats, mrt space but babies. Each year, China people abort thousand of baby girls. The African and Indian continents have plenty of unwanted children running around the streets begging for food, working as child labors etc. Instead of spending millions of dollars on unworkable incentives, our Gahmen should use the money to go oversea and buy the babies. Than give each couple doing the ROM thingy an instant baby as the government's gift. Problem solved! Advantage for everybody. For the lady, no need to go through 9 months of suffering, for the gahmen, population replenishment and for everybody else - no resentment of foreigners - since they are raised up from infancy locally, they will grow up to be just like everyone of us without the foreigner stigma?

So how - gahmen? Got reward for this suggestion or not?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sleepless in Simei

Aargggggggggg I can't stand it! It's bad enough that my flat faces a very busy road and the sound of traffic is always there but that is something I have no choice and have to live with. It is still bearable even with the occasional idiotic bikers on the super loud bikes or the wail of the ambulances as they rush to CGH.

Than came this dog in the past few months. Don't know from which household but the darn thing keep barking away the whole night. Now I love animals but this is one that I can't stand and will wring its neck or cook it if I ever find out which doggy it is but come to think of it, haven't heard a single bark from it the past few nights. Hmmm wonder what happened to it?

Now that is a slight relief compared to what has been going on since the 7th month start. At first I thought it was one of those getai but the singers can't be so bad. Last night at 12.30 midnight, the *&^$@)) son of a bitch was still croaking away! Yes a karaoke singer I think coming from the factory across the road. The guy must be blasting his set at full volume because I can hear him even though Simei Ave is a 6 carriageway road + a lot of carpark space in between. Made me so mad I just feel like going over to hunt him down and throw the darn thing down from whichever floor it is on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The good and bad CKT

Jialat, nowadays seem to have a lot of sudden craving for certain food. Last month, it was durian. This time round it is char kway teow. On Friday night after run suddenly had this urging to eat CKT. Unfortunately, the stall at the East Coast Lagoon had already closed by then. The next day lunch time went to Bedok South and had the super shiok and sinful Hill St CKT. Mmmmm the crunchy bits of lard... Monday on the way to work saw this guy carried a plate of CKT from the corner stall at Amoy. Nearly stopped to buy it as well. Control...control!

So far had tried the 4 heavenly kings of CKT -

Hill Street at Bedok South
Outram at Hong Lim
Newton at Serangoon Garden and
Zion at Zion (the only one that is still in its original location).

So far my fav is still Hill St. Hope the daughter will mastered the art of frying it like the old man otherwise when the old man croaks..... Outram is okay may be a bit too much cockles but not as bad as when they were at Outram. Just can't stand the heat at Hong Lim and the long waiting time. Newton - can't really remember how it tasted like now. Zion? standard like drop after they went 'healthier choice'.

Of course, the other shiok CKT is my absolute favourite at Margaret Dr (hope he won't move too far away when the food centre close for renovation). Grew up with him in the same neighourhood and have been eating the CKT for the longest time and still don't sick of it. Maybe it is the sweat dripping down from his head that make it so shiok:) The most yucky must be Marine Parade - can't tahan the wet soggy noodle. Amoy St is not bad - just don't let me see the butch dig her nose and than handle the plate and chopstick immediately after that! Pasir Panjang other than the vegetable is really nothing special. I don't fancy those CKT from those 3 in 1 stall (ie stall that sell CKT, hokkien noodle, fried oyster/carrot cake).

Anybody got any good CKT stall to recommend?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Spy at the Fish Shop

Today was at Sam's Pet at Marine Parade. Looking for some hardy easy to maintain fish to replenish my depleted tanks. Found a few suitable fish. Then saw the shop assistant scooped a sick guppy out of a tank and put it in the tub of water which was supposed to be used for people who want to buy fish. That put me off totally.

That sick fish and whatever that were already inside could have disease and can contaminate the water. Catch a healthy fish, put it inside - can the healthy fish get the disease. Most probably. Fish in transit are already highly stressed - what with the different water temperature, the sloshing around etc and the next thing you know, the whole tank at home will be infected.

Like most retail shops here, our pet shop people has no ethics especially those selling puppies (but that's another story). So sad. Because I have always think of Sam's Pet as one of the better managed shop here compared to the small little stalls in the markets or those fly by night shops that are set up to cash in on the latest craze.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Singapore Garden Festival 2008

Attended my 3rd Singapore Garden Festival. Don't know nuts about flowers just that there are orchids, roses, heliconias blah blah blah but love the vibrant color of the flowers.

Also much easier to take photographs of flowers especially if they are indoor. Not like running photographs where half the time the photos come out blurred or the runners had disappeared before can push the trigger:) But still my skill at photography sucks and despite no wind in the exhibition hall, an unsteady hand and no tripod means many blur flower pictures as well. :(

More photos here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't play God

Today ST’s has an report on a woman spending USD50000.00 to clone her pit bull. She ended up with 5 cloned puppies. The lady was quoted as saying “…... can afford to clone his pet because losing a pet is a terrible, terrible loss to any one.” This is the first commercial cloning of an animal for the pet industry since the days of Dolly the sheep and Snuppy, the made in Korea Afghan hound.

The company who did this expects the global commercial cloning service for pet lovers to increase in the coming years. The CEO is reported to have said his next project will be to clone camels for rich people in the Middle East.

In the same ST, there was an article about the extinction of half the world’s primates. Now is anybody thinking of cloning all the endangered animals?

Of course not, at the end of the day, all this cloning is not about helping somebody who loses their pets but about profiteering and making money from people losses. So far I haven’t read of any institution that is going big in cloning to save the world’s animals. It is all about the money.

Coming back to the quote by the lady who cloned her dog, she said “losing a pet is a terrible, terrible loss to any one.” Now if losing a pet is terrible, how about losing a loved one, a child, a spouse, a parent? What and who is going to stop these mad scientists and the rich from cloning a replacement? Where there is a demand, somebody will supply.

I am reminded of all those movies on cloning and I think it is scary because it looks like fiction has become fact. I shuddered to think that inside the compound of these institutions, there are mutated animals or possibly human just like what we see in movies.

So my point? Leave creation to God and nature. Something are not meant to be done by human.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Help I don't want to be like that when I grow old!

Was at the in-law's place over the weekend for lunch.

It seem to be a common habit of the elderly to ask the younger folks to eat and eat and sometime I catch myself saying the same thing to the kids.

It was no different on Sunday. The minute I stepped into the house, the FIL asked me to eat which was fine since I was there to eat anyway. But as I was the last one left, he added another sentence - finish all the food! Gulp... there was a whole big bowl of curry fish, a small plate of egg, 2 fried chicken wings and 3 piece of fish nuggets plus a whole heap of fried fish head! No vegetables, no soup. It wasn't really that appetizing but still edible but what really irritate me was he sat there and keep urging me to eat, finish the food, eat, finish the food which was damn bladdy irritating!

And than I totally lost my appetite when he used his bare hands to pick up the fried chicken and fish nuggets. For what I don't know - ostensibly to pass to me? Yucks, I have seen him often enough to know his habit - most time he will be sitting on the sofa, scratching his 'brycleem' stiffened hair, or rubbing his foot and there he was using that same hands to pick up the food! Of course, he didn't wash his hand. To make it worse, he dipped his fingers into the curry to pick up the common serving spoon which had slipped into the soup!

I really couldn't put anything down at all after that but there he was sitting right in front of me going over and over and over again - eat, finish the food, eat, finish the food...... and I had to swallow every damn thing down:(

I really hope when I grow old, I won't be like that. If I am, someone, anyone, kill me first before I make a fool of myself!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Surprised the family when I announced that we were going to eat fast food for dinner on Sunday evening. Had heard alot about Popeye Chicken and decided must go and try one time. Went to the outlet at T3.

The place is quite small so had to wait a while before getting a seat.

Ordered 4 pieces chicken combo which comes with 4 pieces of chicken, 2 sides and 2 drinks. For the sides, we had the whipped potatoes which a friend said was simply the best. Also had the prawn combo (they called it popcorn shrimp) and the fish.

The chicken was indeed good. Fried nicely on the outstide yet soft and moist on the inside. The prawn and fish was also nicely fried. The kids loved the whipped potatoes and I quite like the 'biscuit' which is actually fried bread. Unfortunately, the drinks had lost its frizz and tasted very flat otherwise the whole meal could have been very satisfactory although a bit sinful for the body:)