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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Speak Good English Movement 2008

The gahmen got another Speak Good English campaign. This one we all must support. Gahmen said speak good English very important. Whole world speak English, we don’t speak good English, people cannot understand us than how we do business over the sea?

We all cannot be like the Aussie. You know the Aussie so goondu – cannot also spell Good Morning. So they shortform to G’day. Lidat mean what? No wonder, their economy kena like sai! Also, the Taiwan people – you got hear them speak English or not? Their airsence don’t know like what – hear 10 times still cannot understand and they still dare to poke fun of our English! Buah tahan! The China people, last time their menu got funny food like ‘Dry Fried Ass Meat in Xiang Style” – now got Olympic everything improve already.

My friend, he speak Queen’s English. He make big money and stay in condom. We all must learn like him. Very good example. So Singaporean, support our Speak Good English campaign. If not, kena cock on the head by teacher, very malu. And the pubic servant don’t care you if you don’t know how to speak English to them.

Got to go now. Going to buy fresh herpes. Cheap Cheap!

1 comment:

  1. please lor! Not like we can understand their chinglish, they want to poke fun of us?! wait till they hear us breaking into hokkien & swan them on THEIR hokkien