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Monday, August 4, 2008

Help I don't want to be like that when I grow old!

Was at the in-law's place over the weekend for lunch.

It seem to be a common habit of the elderly to ask the younger folks to eat and eat and sometime I catch myself saying the same thing to the kids.

It was no different on Sunday. The minute I stepped into the house, the FIL asked me to eat which was fine since I was there to eat anyway. But as I was the last one left, he added another sentence - finish all the food! Gulp... there was a whole big bowl of curry fish, a small plate of egg, 2 fried chicken wings and 3 piece of fish nuggets plus a whole heap of fried fish head! No vegetables, no soup. It wasn't really that appetizing but still edible but what really irritate me was he sat there and keep urging me to eat, finish the food, eat, finish the food which was damn bladdy irritating!

And than I totally lost my appetite when he used his bare hands to pick up the fried chicken and fish nuggets. For what I don't know - ostensibly to pass to me? Yucks, I have seen him often enough to know his habit - most time he will be sitting on the sofa, scratching his 'brycleem' stiffened hair, or rubbing his foot and there he was using that same hands to pick up the food! Of course, he didn't wash his hand. To make it worse, he dipped his fingers into the curry to pick up the common serving spoon which had slipped into the soup!

I really couldn't put anything down at all after that but there he was sitting right in front of me going over and over and over again - eat, finish the food, eat, finish the food...... and I had to swallow every damn thing down:(

I really hope when I grow old, I won't be like that. If I am, someone, anyone, kill me first before I make a fool of myself!

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  1. Yes, its quite scary when one grows old and loses our ability to act/think logically.