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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Durian Fiesta

I do not usually crave for durian but ever since receiving an email from a friend introducing the various type of durian from Penang, some how I had this insatiable craving for it. There must be a sublime message inside the email!

Anyway, to satisfy the craving, roped a few of the running kakis and went to Still Road to try out the newly opened Four Seasons CafĂ©. Older foodies will remember the Four Seasons’ durian pastry. That plus the review in ieatishootipost made it a die die must try!

Our strategy for the dinner feast was to try 1 or 2 of the very expensive durian followed by those 3 for $10 type so that we don't have to burn in our pocket for it. However, after ordering 1 Maoshanwang ($20 per kg) and 1 Ang Heh when we tried to ask for the cheaper durians, the guy told us not to try. He said after eating the Maoshanwang, we will not want to eat anything else. Maybe intoxicated by the strong durian odour, we caved in and let the guy picked the durians. The damage: $200.00 for 5 durians comprising 1 Maoshanwang, 1 D24, 1 Xo, 1 Ang Heh and 1 (didn't catch the name) which was supposed to be available only around this time and has hugh seed.

How to describe the durian? Durian is something that one like or don’t like. And a lot has to do with the smell. Food being a very subjective thing; it was difficult to say which was the best. However, all was in agreement that the Maoshangwang did not live up to its Kingly title. Halfway through 2 of the durians, we discover some seeds were not ripe and the stall gave us 2 new ones in exchange. Bravo! So in the end we had about 7 durians.

Our nutritionist friend calculated the 8 of us consumed 6637.50 calories in total but that I think is a small price to pay for 1 night of pure shiok bliss! And 1 long run can burn that off so can go and eat again!

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