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Monday, April 28, 2008

Double Standards

An email today caught my attention. Reading further, I am appalled that in the name of art, a white man is starving a dog in a public gallery till it die! Read the details here. While I can't attest to the authenticity of it, I think if it is true, than what is the difference between eating dog meat and starving a dog to death in the name of art?

I am sick and tired of the double standards adopted by the Western World. If they invade another country, it is to liberate the people, if an Asian country invade another country, it is war! If an Asian country cut down forest for land, it is destroying the earth. If they do it, it is for development. Read this poem from a Chinese guy. How true the sentiments expressed in it!

China did nothing in Sudan and got flakes for it. Now when did China has any authority over Sudan? But how about Bosnia and Serbia? Where were the West when the Muslim were being killed by the dozens? When they feel like it, America will appoint itself to be the policeman of the world (read: Asia third world). Now imagine if one day the rouge country is in Europe - say Italy developed nuclear weapon - will they dare to invade Italy??? I doubt so cause at the end of the day they are just big bully and like all bully will only bully the seemingly weak!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hawkers' Find

Made 2 interesting discoveries on Saturday.

First one - was at Alexandra Village. Had a bowl of the famous Zhen Shan Mei Claypot laksa. Prices haven't gone up yet still come in $3/$4/$5 options. While queuing for it, saw a sign on the display case that said to the effect that it is the only original Depot Road claypot laksa and there is no franchise blah blah blah. That came as a surprise. I had thought the outlet at Vivo City Food Republic was theirs. So I asked the lady and she said - no they don't have any franchise and this is the original one that moves from Depot Road. So the other stalls at Telok Blangah and Market Street are also 'fake'! Well, like they said, imitation is the best form of flattery. Maybe the stall should go and copyright their name before it become as common as Katong Laksa.

However, the laksa was served up by a young man and not the 2 sisters so it makes me wonder...hmmmm. But it still taste sinfully yummy so I have no complain, not for $4 compared to the version at Food Republic which cost a whooping $8 and is so ordinary.

Second one - Went to Bedok Corner Food Centre to 'tapau' dinner. Saw a stall selling pizza and pasta. "Gemelli Pizza and Pasta". That is not a common sight. Curiosity piqued, went over and decided to try it out. Ordered a vegan's nightmare - what the stall called 'Carnivore' - and the name said it all - chicken sausage, pepperoni, turkey bacon and ham. No olive, no rocket salad, no greens of any sort. Asked the lady whether the stall was new. Was surprised when she said they been there for over a year. How come I didn't see them previously since I go there quite often for the cheng tng, hokkien mee and cuttlefish kangkong?

Anyway, Verdict - passed. It was good and $11 for a large pizza, real value for money. And I like that I didn't have to wait too long for it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


For the ladies and may be guys who are into the bare bald look (and I not referring to the hair on top of your head).

This is a must read!

Ouch... be careful when you go for DIY Brazilian!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sales People

Everybody dislike telemarketers and insurance agents. Me on the contrary admire them for their persistence and good product knowledge but ha ha that does not stop me from chewing them off.

Anyway, during my course of work, I have met countless sales peoples and I can't believe how in the first place they got to be in sales.

1. There was this lady who was supposed to come and see me at 11pm one day. She turned up at 2pm the NEXT day unannounced! And she didn't even called to postpone the meeting. What the cheek! And she expected me to see her and sign up for whatever she is pushing!

2. Another lady badmouthed her competitor right from the start of the meeting to the end. Nothing good was said about her own product - just how bad the competitor was!

3. Then there are the clueless guys who don't know anything about the client and worse about their own products. Usually, if they are new, I give them a chance but if they are just tardy.....

4. Of course there are also the arrogant; the take it for granted guy who thinks that they are God's gift to the world and whoever listen to them must end up buying their product or sign the contract failing which they looked at you like you so stupid to pass up the chance!

5. Last but not least are the telemarketers from overseas. These are usually the angmoh who insist on speaking only to the 'decision-maker' and treat you like a pain in the arse if you insist on taking their call and not forward it to the 'decision-maker'. This type - I usually tell them politely to stick it up their ____ but very politely!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sales Call

Answered a phone call for my boss the other day.

Caller: Can I speak to ABC?
Me: Who's that calling?
C: I am XXX from XXX
M: ABC is not here. Can I help you?
C: I am calling about introducing my company's advertisement media
M: Can you give me more details?
C: We have this food .......blah blah blah
M: Food? We don't sell food here
C: Oh - but my list indicate you are a food company
M: Okay I assume you looking for my boss' other company. They not located here. You have to call them directly
C: Er can I have the phone number than?
M: You got the list, how come you don't have the correct phone number?
C: This is what my list show.
M: Sigh.. okay here it is
C: By the way, can you tell me what food the company sell?
M: What! you called to sell your advertising opportunity and you don't know what products your prospect is selling?
C: Yes my list doesn't show.

It is phone call from sales people like this that irritates the hell out of me. Like that how to go out and do sales?


Monday, April 14, 2008

Tong Shui Cafe

Went to the Tong Shui outlet at Zion Road. After hearing so much about it, was surprised that it was practically empty when we walked in. Only 2 other tables were occupied and when they left, we were the only one left.

We ordered a thick toast with durian puree. Felt that the durian puree was very sweet. Did they add sugar to it?
We also had the mango pudding which I thought tasted rather ordinary. And why is it that everybody nowadays die die must add those irritating tasteless 'pearl' thingy?
The last order was a hot black and white dish - the almond and sesame paste. I think the paste from the Chinatown stall is so much better. This one is too thin and more like a soup than a paste.
So maybe now I know why it is so deserted.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Queue Up

Was queuing up at the popular Teochew kueh stall at the Tiong Bahru hawker centre. There was about 3 persons in front of me when I reached the stall with a long queue of people behind. The pink rice cake was already sold out and the ang ku kueh was running out fast. In fact, only 6 pieces of the peanut variety was left. There were a few people hovering around the stall.

Then this lady who was one of those hovering around asked for all the balance ang ku kueh. Immediately, the people behind me told her to queue up.

Her reply? She was queuing what! She pointed out to everyone her maid who was in the queue behind. She was afraid the kueh will be sold out by the time it reach her turn so her maid queue she moved forward to order so therefore she is entitled to order since she was lready in the 'queue'!

Er what sort of logic is that?

Luckily for me, the stall owner ignored her and I managed to get 2 of the ang ku kueh and I hope the other people in front of her order the akk too:)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shark Attack

A teenage boy was killed in a shark attack in Australia the other day. According to reports, there are about 15 shark attacks in a year in Australia alone. According to ISAF statistics, there were 71 attacks last year out of which only 1 was fatal. Nearly all except for 4 (listed under other regions) were in angmoh's countries.

Is that the shark's revenge on us humans for eating shark fin? If so, they got the wrong guy. Angmohs don't eat shark fin the way us Chinese does.

But than again, the poor shark probably got no chance to eat any human in Asian water. I think it is the other way round. Shark appear, fisherman rush in and kapoo! the shark is decapitated and definned! So yah guess sharks are not stupid despite their small brain. Better to avoid Asian waters.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Chinese Eye Sight Test

Look at the picture and try to see what is the image there.

Can't make sense of it? If you cannot decipher anything, try this:

Pull the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese.

See it?

Aram's Singapore VR

My friend Aram's is in the news. My Paper to be exact. Interviewed was on his Virtual Reality Singapore site. That guy is a magician with his camera. Never knew camera can do such amazing and cool stuff. Check it out!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Slow Message Services

Got a sms from a friend at 11:30 am this morning. This was followed immediately by another from him time stamped 11:40 am. The first sms was to remind me of our lunch appointment at 12 and the second was to inform me that he was already at the Soup Spoon.

Nothing unusual about that except that my appointment was yesterday and the sms were sent yesterday.

What the heck happened? 24 hours for an sms to reach me?