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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok

One of the senior big shot in the Company asked me to go for lunch. Big shot asked got no choice. Went with him. Wondered which nice place we were going to. Ended up almost at my door step at Bedok Simpang for mee pok :(

But not any mee pok. This one is the famous Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok. The only problem is, just like its cousin, the laksa - there is at least count 3 other Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok and 2 of them are at Bedok Simpang! Read more about the war of the mee pok here

So is the one we ate the authentic and original Jalan Tua Kong Mee Pok? I don't know. It wasn't that great in the first place and having also tried the one at Soy Eu Tua Coffeeshop, I am not blown away by any of them.

I think I still prefer the mee pok from the fishball noodle stall at the hawker centre at Bedok South (opposite Temasek JC).

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Totally down with a bad throat. Can't even croak now. Have not been hit with this for a long time. Guess the kids will be happy not to have their old man nagging at them to study and the folks in office as well - nobody to shout at them:) But how to answer phone calls?

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Mooncakes Mooncakes. This year economy must be real good. First time in my life that we get flooded with so many boxes of them. It started small though.

First M bought home this small box of a single moon cake from the famous Kee Wah of Hongkong.

Than Alvin's teacher came with another single moon cake - this one from Yue Hwa Chinese Product. Never tried this before. Not too bad.

Surprisingly, the third moon cake that came our way was also a single mooncake = this one from M's colleague - a mooncake from The Baker's Cottage of Malaysia.

Then the floodgate opens. First a business contact came with one of the best mooncake I ever tasted from the famous Peach Garden. This was real good but I shared it with the office people and did not bring any home.

The next one that came my way was from another business contact. The first combo mooncake comprising a spicy floss; a chocolate; a green tea and a sesame. Shared the spicy floss and the mini green tea in the office and took home the chocolate and the sesame. These lot not too bad. Not very sweet and very unique.
Following that was a box from Li Bai at Sheraton Towers. This one also not too bad. Shared it with the office people again. Too many to eat at home already!
Luckily never brought that home cos for some unknown reasons, M went to buy a box from her colleague. This one from Amway of Malaysia. Never did get to try this though. In the end, gave it away.

Now what is a mooncake festival without the traditional teochew mooncake which Uncle me loves. So this one from Malaysia Kedap Kek Lee Meng

Came home on Wednesday to find 2 more new boxes on the table. First one from little sis. A box of no yolk mooncake from Carlton Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant. Just nice for us since non of us at home like the egg yolk.

The most exquisite one came in from M's boss. Also from Li Bai of Sheraton but this one came in a Chinese style chest.


Actually, none of us at home don't really enjoy mooncake although I wanted to try the Starbucks Cheese mooncake but with so many already don't really want to buy any. Most time we are more captivated by the design of the boxes and paper bag than the mooncake itself. Beside, God knows how long ago the mooncakes were made and kept in cold storage for this seasons and that's not even considering the amount of cholesterol that is in it!
With 2 more days to go, wonder whether there be any more coming? And hopefully 1 from Starbucks?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

Look like this blog is ending up being all about food.

Had lunch at Peach Garden at OCBC's The Executive Club. Beautiful scenery - second only to the China Club. But this time round, there was enough food and the food was real good. Best of all, don't have to pay a single cents - courtesy of a business partners.

The dishes were:

Dim sum comprising siew mai, harkow and char siew pau. But these are no ordinary dim sum. Real solid especially the siew mai with one whole big prawn on top of the siew mai. The char siew pau is so soft and fluffy. Real shiok.

2nd dish was a platter of meat - 2 pork cube (roast meat actually) and a piece of roasted duck with some veg. The meat were perfected roasted. Apparently, this is the restaurant's best selling item.

3rd dish was their signature soup - shark bone's cartilage soup. It was delicious although I couldn't see any shark bone's:) The fiery chilli padi almost made me choke but it was worth every morsel and sip!

Next was another signature dish - fried sea perch with plum sauce. A little bit too sweet for me (the sauce). Didn't really fancy this probably because didn't like the combo taste of sweet sauce and fried fish.

Noodle was next - a nice little bowl of 'xang mee' but I had 2 bowls cos one of our host had no more space liao. It comes with a little scallop and prawn.

The last dish was something that is not on the menu - jelly in a Thai coconut with honey (I think). It was very refreshing and truly a very different kind of dessert.

Now I have completed the trinity of 3 high floor restaurant - Tower Club, China Club and this the Executive Club. Best of all, on all 3 occasions, the food is paid for by some kind soul (otherwise how to afford to eat there - not to say also cannot qualify for members).

Also got to meet the 2 lady bosses. Very nice ladies.

Too bad cannot have photographs to show. Otherwise, saliva sure droop until desk all wet.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Those who went with me to Penang will like this:

"Two Englishmen were lost in Cologne, Germany. They'd parked their rental car on Einbahnstrasse, but when they went to look for it, it seemed like every street had the same name. According to the New York Post, they stopped a police officer and asked for help. That's when they got a lesson in German. Einbahnstrasse, he told them, means one-way street".
Reader Digest Sep 2007

Sound familiar right?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Ship Restaurant and Bar

Went for dinner at The Ship Restaurant at Shaw Centre.

The last time I was there must have been more than 10 years ago. Nothing much has changed. The decor seemed exactly the same, the flags and wheels, the tables. Even the food. Oh one thing has changed though - no more Hainanese akos, only young waiter and waitress.

This guy in Chef's attire came up and tried to persuade us to order the Black Angus steak. It is suppose to be the house special and available only on Friday and Saturday. In the end, Bambi ordered it while the rest of us had Cognac steak (Mich), Lobster thermidor (M) and steak fillet/salmon combo (myself).

All the steak were served on a hotplate with side serving of vegetables (baby carrots and brocoli), potato jacket or french fries. The steak were done just right according to what we wanted. Bambi's Black Angus was really worth it. A solid piece of steak with the jelly like fat running across:). According to the guy who served us (we later got his name card - he turned out to be the boss of the place, a very nice Mr Michael Wang), other places will serve this steak at triple the price! He subsequently also highly recommended his fish noodle and chicken rice but we were on a steak night out so maybe another time. The nice guy even gave us free coffee and ice cream. With this type of service, I think we need to go back again - at least to try the so highly recommended fish noodle.

Photos from camera phone so don't come out so well - not like the food.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Don Pie's Crab Noodle

Don Pie at China Square as everybody know is famous for its pie. But man can't live on pie alone, so they have added something totally different to their menu - crab noodle in a claypot!

Photo credit:

At $14.80 per bowl, it comes with a complete Sri Lanka crab cooked in milk rich soup and round white beehoon, (the type commonly found in fish head noodle.) The taste of milk was not too overwhelming but they could be more generous with the noodle though. Overall, not too bad but a tad too rich for lunch which was the time I went on Thursday.

Worth trying though if in the area.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Turning 45

What better way to celebrate the passing of another year than to feast and that is precisely what I did yesterday.

Had lunch at Carousel at Royal Plaza on Scotts. First time there. And what a wonderful surprise. There was a beautiful snack counter at the entrance which was more than enough to pull me in. And than there was the spread at the buffet. M said looking at the food was enough to make her saliva droop. And it was indeed wonderful. Her favourite - crayfish(slipper lobster); everybody favourite - the sushi/sashimi with practically all the different fish; roast beef; and even local favourite salted vegetable duck. There was so much food - not just the usual buffet standard but a lot of fancy food with unpronounceable names. And of course my must have at buffet - the desert. So colourful and so sweet tasting. And all these for just $33+++ per person and thanks to the magic of the plastic card - we only had to pay for 1 person share!

Dinner was at Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant at Upp East Coast Road. One of the very old seafood restaurant in Singapore and probably the only one still left in Upp East Coast Road after all the rest have moved to the Seafood Centre. We had the usual almost obligatory black pepper crab and I must say it is one of the best I tasted so far. The rest of the food were so so but the food were reasonably priced so no complaint.

The kids gave me a box of what else - chocolates from Chocolates World. Thanks kids! No cakes but chocolates are better:)

So much food in a day - luckily managed to throw in a swim in the afternoon to burn off a little bit of calories.

Oh by the way is this what happens to our SQ girls when they retire from flying?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There is life other than running

Some people may be surprised to learn that I have a life other than running:)

Anyway, I am starting this new blog to replace my old blogs on Yahoo 360 and Microsoft Spaces as

1) I feel that those 2 sites with their fixed format don't allow me to add third party widgets
2) The photographs posted there don't come out well
3) The RSS field don't seem to work all the time
4) Also, it's getting a bit tiring updating 3 blogs.

This blog will be about

1) Food which I like, new food that are discovered, food that are horribly bad,
2) Travel with plenty of pictures hopefully
3) The kids
4) Life with all its up and downs
5) Comments about current affair

Aiyah - in one word - about everything!