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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

There is life other than running

Some people may be surprised to learn that I have a life other than running:)

Anyway, I am starting this new blog to replace my old blogs on Yahoo 360 and Microsoft Spaces as

1) I feel that those 2 sites with their fixed format don't allow me to add third party widgets
2) The photographs posted there don't come out well
3) The RSS field don't seem to work all the time
4) Also, it's getting a bit tiring updating 3 blogs.

This blog will be about

1) Food which I like, new food that are discovered, food that are horribly bad,
2) Travel with plenty of pictures hopefully
3) The kids
4) Life with all its up and downs
5) Comments about current affair

Aiyah - in one word - about everything!

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