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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Downgrading to upgrade

What started as just some coffee talk turned into reality within the space of 2 weeks. On and off, we have been talking about moving to a bigger house so that each of the kid and Mum can have 1 room each. Beside, the current place was falling apart with leakages; faulty air con worn furniture. Also, the local neighbours have mostly moved out with more and more foreigners replacing them and the estate was getting a little too boisterous for comfort.

So 2 weeks ago, while shopping for a new set of sofa, was talking with M about looking for a new place when got a sms from a friend who had recently became a property agent. One thing lead to another and soon we were viewing flats.

We were horrified at the type of prices people are asking for HDB apartments especially the cash over valuation (COV) which was like $30,000 to $50,000.00. We told ourselves no hurry look see look see will do. But by a quirk of fate? there we were this afternoon looking at 2 units and both were not suitable. About to leave for home, the agent suddenly mentioned that there was another unit available near by but on a rather low floor and whether we would like to view it. Our original instructions was no low floor but heck since we were already in the area, figured it wouldn't do any harm to just take a look. And it was 'wow'.

And so the hunt for a new place ended just as abruptly as it started within 2 weeks. And so soon we will be downgrading and yet upgrading. But first got to find the money to pay for it first.


  1. wow! where to??
    lower floors have their plus points too!!

  2. Thinking of getting a place with one more room too. Glad you found your ideal place. Where is it? ;)

  3. Miao Miao - I thot you just moved not too long ago, now thinking of moving again? I moving to your estate ha ha so we going to bump into each other more often.

    Jason - Me going further East, back to where I first stayed. Does not answer your question? No?

  4. let me guess.....
    pasir ris?

  5. 3 yrs already. I need a study room since I now work from home. But sellers are asking for ridiculous prices, so guess we'll not be moving so soon.

  6. Jason: ha ha ha

    Susan: Yeah the price that these people are asking are really ridiculous and yet people are queuing up to buy. But unfortunately, unless another big disaster strike this region or a big war breaks out somewhere, I don't see prices coming down. Our only consolation is our existing property price should go up correspondingly as well.