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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Mooncakes Mooncakes. This year economy must be real good. First time in my life that we get flooded with so many boxes of them. It started small though.

First M bought home this small box of a single moon cake from the famous Kee Wah of Hongkong.

Than Alvin's teacher came with another single moon cake - this one from Yue Hwa Chinese Product. Never tried this before. Not too bad.

Surprisingly, the third moon cake that came our way was also a single mooncake = this one from M's colleague - a mooncake from The Baker's Cottage of Malaysia.

Then the floodgate opens. First a business contact came with one of the best mooncake I ever tasted from the famous Peach Garden. This was real good but I shared it with the office people and did not bring any home.

The next one that came my way was from another business contact. The first combo mooncake comprising a spicy floss; a chocolate; a green tea and a sesame. Shared the spicy floss and the mini green tea in the office and took home the chocolate and the sesame. These lot not too bad. Not very sweet and very unique.
Following that was a box from Li Bai at Sheraton Towers. This one also not too bad. Shared it with the office people again. Too many to eat at home already!
Luckily never brought that home cos for some unknown reasons, M went to buy a box from her colleague. This one from Amway of Malaysia. Never did get to try this though. In the end, gave it away.

Now what is a mooncake festival without the traditional teochew mooncake which Uncle me loves. So this one from Malaysia Kedap Kek Lee Meng

Came home on Wednesday to find 2 more new boxes on the table. First one from little sis. A box of no yolk mooncake from Carlton Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant. Just nice for us since non of us at home like the egg yolk.

The most exquisite one came in from M's boss. Also from Li Bai of Sheraton but this one came in a Chinese style chest.


Actually, none of us at home don't really enjoy mooncake although I wanted to try the Starbucks Cheese mooncake but with so many already don't really want to buy any. Most time we are more captivated by the design of the boxes and paper bag than the mooncake itself. Beside, God knows how long ago the mooncakes were made and kept in cold storage for this seasons and that's not even considering the amount of cholesterol that is in it!
With 2 more days to go, wonder whether there be any more coming? And hopefully 1 from Starbucks?

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