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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Ship Restaurant and Bar

Went for dinner at The Ship Restaurant at Shaw Centre.

The last time I was there must have been more than 10 years ago. Nothing much has changed. The decor seemed exactly the same, the flags and wheels, the tables. Even the food. Oh one thing has changed though - no more Hainanese akos, only young waiter and waitress.

This guy in Chef's attire came up and tried to persuade us to order the Black Angus steak. It is suppose to be the house special and available only on Friday and Saturday. In the end, Bambi ordered it while the rest of us had Cognac steak (Mich), Lobster thermidor (M) and steak fillet/salmon combo (myself).

All the steak were served on a hotplate with side serving of vegetables (baby carrots and brocoli), potato jacket or french fries. The steak were done just right according to what we wanted. Bambi's Black Angus was really worth it. A solid piece of steak with the jelly like fat running across:). According to the guy who served us (we later got his name card - he turned out to be the boss of the place, a very nice Mr Michael Wang), other places will serve this steak at triple the price! He subsequently also highly recommended his fish noodle and chicken rice but we were on a steak night out so maybe another time. The nice guy even gave us free coffee and ice cream. With this type of service, I think we need to go back again - at least to try the so highly recommended fish noodle.

Photos from camera phone so don't come out so well - not like the food.


  1. whoa looks delicious! How much is the steak?

  2. The photos from the phone look like shit. How can you say look delicious?:) But the price of the steaks are cheap cheap