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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Spy ~ Balloon Lady

Was walking along the Citilink when saw this lady carrying a balloon in her hand. She was talking to her husband? and gesturing all over. As a result, the balloon on a short stick was swinging left and right.

Of course, in a crowded place like that, it was inevitable that she hit somebody sooner or later and sure enough she hit a lady in the face. And what did this lady with the balloon do? Did she apologise?

No! Instead she complained loudly to her husband that the lady walked into her balloon and could have burst it! Of all the cheek!

It is people like that that cheesed me off so much that I wish I can do something about it. In this case, I really really felt like walking up to her and bursting the balloon there and than! If only I did!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Seems like there money to be made on blogging. According to ST Digital Life on Tuesday, some top bloggers can earn up to $10,000.00 per month from online advertisements on their blogs.

Wow.. better than working.

Now must go and figure out an action plan to get people to visit my blog and earn $$$.

May be post nice sexy photo of Edison Chen and his harem? or write a very controversy article about some prominent people? Oops cannot later kena sue? How about faking breakthrough news? Hmmm this one can get arrested or not?

Sighed looked like not so easy to make money hor...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cat Killer

Another cat killer on the loose! What is it with these people? What do they get out of torturing these small little animals?

The Cat Welfare Society together with the SPCA is offering a reward to nab the guy/lady? in Pasir Ris who has so far killed 7 kittens.

And I hope when these killers are caught, they won't be let off with just warning. Impose a jail sentence or at the very least, put them into a mental hospital and throw away the key.

Friday, May 16, 2008


One of the perks of my job is the amount of food I get from vendors, agencies, media people.

Yesterday got this beautiful looking cakes from some media people who bought it from Swissotel Merchant Hotel.

Unfortunately, not being a very cake person, didn't really enjoy it. Was it really good? Didn't hear my colleagues who shared it gushed about it so it must have been so so only.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

God's Wrath or Nature Retribution

The list of natural disasters seems to be getting longer and longer and come faster and faster.

Is this God's wrath being bestowed on sinners or nature's retribution for destroying it?

Or are these the signs of the end of times?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Hopped over to Holland Village. Felt like a tourist there. Stood there gawking away. Been to HV before but always in the day and never know the night scene there so happening.

Looking for some thing to eat. The food at the hawker centre didn't look very enticing and didn't want to spend too much money on the fancier places (which were mostly packed anyway) so just walked around until saw this ice cream outlet.

Place was also packed but managed to get a table. Their unique feature was choose flavours, the topping and the staff will mix them together on a cold rock hence the name Cold Rock Ice Creamery. Went to order and this is what we had:
P5030255 Not very cheap though. Regular cup (2 scoops) was $6.50. Each topping is $1.00 even the house concoction was priced the same way.

The ice cream was a tad too creamy. Not really worth it. Give me all the local made ice cream anytime!

Another more detailed review of the place here

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Olive Ristorante @ Labrador Park

Had dinner at the The Olive Ristorante @ Labrador Park on Saturday evening.

Been wanting to go there for a long time as I was curious how an Italian restaurant in such an ulu place can survive for so long. Transport inconvenient, no air con and right smack in forested area (haven't they heard of dengue?)

Anyway, after running, the 5 of us decided to eat there. Although it was suppose to be an 'atas' restaurant, decided we in our smelly after run gear should still be able to fit right in since the place has not much atmosphere (or some prefer to call it ambience).

I had thought the only reason the place survived for so long was because the food was cheap and good. Unfortunately, I was wrong on both count. It was neither. Most of the appetizer starts at $15.00 and main course from $25 onward. Price by itself seem reasonable considering the 'restaurant' tag but the portion was minuscule.

We ordered a seafood platter and a foie gras to share. Each cost $25.00 but when it came.... we had to cut the 2 teeny roll of salmon into 5 and there were I think some prawn and scallops? which was just enough for each one of us to spear and pop into our mouth once.P5030241 And in our mind were thinking of the seafood platter that we get at Fish & Co or Manhattan FM!
The foie gras came with 5 very tiny slice of pear and a scoop? of rocket salad.P5030240
For the main course, we ordered 2 dishes with unpronounceable Italian names but actually they were just a ham pizza ($25) P5030242and seafood spaghetti ($35 each x 2) to share. The pizza was okay - of course much better than Pizza Hut. The seafood spaghetti came wrapped in aluminum foil. Inside there were 1 crayfish cut in 2, 6 prawns and lots of mussels and clams.P5030244 So not too bad.

Service overall was decent. When the waitress saw this old Uncle me peering at the menu, she came over with a torch. Food came pretty fast. But she lied. She said what we ordered was enough for the 5 of us but I left with barely 1/3 of my stomach filled and so we had to adjourn to Holland Village for further food.

Final verdict - won't be back again. Decent food but not worth the money.

Photos courtesy of Roo + more on the food at Olive Ristorante here

Friday, May 2, 2008

First World Economy......

Other countries have law forbidding workers from sitting in open lorries - Singapore don't have.

Other countries have law regulating domestic servant/maid - Singapore don't have.

Other countries have law making it compulsory for school bus to have seat belts - Singapore don't have.

First world economy - third world mentality.